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Fun Clothing for All!

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New Deluxe Collars!

Over a dozen new designs to choose from - with customizable text, color, and size options!
The shop is closed for December while we catch up orders and take care of family 💙
We'll be at New Years Furry Ball! — 12/30
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Comfy Suits

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a custom / YCH / recolor?
Yes! You can choose any existing Tailends design for us as a starting point-- Then we will recolor, add markings, and customize the design to match a reference you give us.
When will my order ship?
Unless otherwise specified, everything is Made-to-Order by us, and can take between 3-5 weeks to be sewn up and ship. Please allow up to 8-12 weeks for custom YCHs or hoodies!
I don't see my size, can you make it for me?
YES we will absolutely make your size upon request, for no extra charge. Our goal is to be completely body inclusive! Please reach out with more information on what you need via the contact form. **Why don't we already have every possible size if we want to be inclusive? We make up to 3-4XL in most items, but each new size is a new file we have to create. This takes a LOT of time, and while we don't mind doing this upon request, it is not something our one patternmaker can reasonably do while also fulfilling all their other duties.
Can I cancel / return my order?
Consider all orders are final and complete once you hit the pay button. If you absolutely must cancel or change your order in any way, you may do so by emailing us within 24 hours of the time the order has been completed. Due to the nature of our products, we can not accept any returns or exchanges, and refunds will only be given out at our discretion in very specific circumstances. It is unsanitary to resell returned underwear and it's morally wrong to throw it away. If we were to take returns, we COULD NOT RESELL THEM. Each pair is handmade with care, and we can not afford to run like a big business. We always do what we can to make things right under extenuating circumstances. Please find someone who will love your pair and consider gifting it to them, rather than tossing it out.
Created For You
We are a small team of makers working together to handmake "animal apparel". Since we do not mass produce, we can customize your fit or design to better suit you!
Soft & Comfortable
All garments are made with high quality fabrics that will both look and feel good for years. Everything is patterned with real bodies in mind.
To reduce our impact, all our fabric is printed locally in the US with water based inks, and we ship orders in certified home compostable & biodegradable packaging.
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Pair your Tailends with a colorful top!

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Go Wild!