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Meet the Tail Crew!

Tailends is a Connecticut-based, slow-fashion apparel business run by a small team of LGBT goblins. We make EVERYTHING in-house-- From design, to sewing and order fulfillment, it's all us!
Spinch (She/They)
The one who started it all - Spinch is the master pattern-maker, has drawn most of the Tailends catalog, and sews butts at the speed of light! Catch them behind the booth at cons saying "Howdy!"
BerBer (They/Them)
The lovable Shop Papa who is handy with all the product setup and sewing to keep things running smoothly! They like to play PoGo while walking packages to the PO!
Fuzz (They/Them)
This cheeto puff juggles many tasks, but is mostly responsible for YCH art, helping Spinch with new designs, and running our ~spicy biz~ Creature Feature Toys. Loves to ramble about virtual pets!
Panini (She/Her)
Helpful with all sorts of odds & ends, but Panini really is the master of hoodies and detail oriented tasks! Easily admits her #1 weakness: "my tail end will explode if you give me dairy."
Peach (She/They)
The day always goes so much smoother with Peach around! They're a huge help with various tasks on the Tailends side with the fastest record for pinning waistbands! Peach's secret life hack: you can listen to a ton of audiobooks while working.
Araphre (He/Him)
Our customer service derg! He's been with the CFT since the very beginning and is now with the Tailends team too! Always cheerful and ready to help with any task big or small!
Why Handmade?

Why Handmade?

Created For You
We are a small team of makers working together to handmake "animal apparel". Since we do not mass produce, we can customize your fit or design to better suit you!
Soft & Comfortable
All garments are made with high quality fabrics that will both look and feel good for years. Everything is patterned with real bodies in mind.
To reduce our impact, all our fabric is printed locally in the US with water based inks, and we ship orders in certified home compostable & biodegradable packaging.
Slow Fashion
We've developed each step of sewing garnments for a comfy fit with plenty of stretch to last a long time! We also offer free waistband repair on undies to help keep waste out of landfills.