FAQs & Terms of Service

Who makes Tailends?

We do!! Everything here is made 100% in-house, unless otherwise specified. All of our undies, sweaters, joggers, comfysuits, and more are made in-house by a small team of LGBTQIA+ creatives in downtown New Haven, CT. Each item is drawn, tetris'd into a big file to print, then cut and sewn by our paws! The only step out of our hands is fabric sourcing, which is done with our printing partners in California.

Tailends Sizing

What size am I? Should I go a size up or a size down? Does it run big or small? Tailends apparel is patterned by us, with a size chart reflecting those exact measurements - your size will be true to your measurements. If you're on the edge of a size range for your undies and aren't sure which to choose, we suggest you choose the lower size to have a snug n' comfy pair! These are super stretchy <3

How do I measure myself?

For UNDIES: Measure where you want the waistband to sit, or approx where you wear a belt. The fabric is VERY stretchy, so the biggest size factor is the elastic measurement. NOTE: "Pants size" is an irrelevant number here. Actually measure yourself, as we cannot remake these for free. For TOPS: (tank tops, hoodies, racerback crops), the full circumference of your chest can be measured from around where your nips are. Our tops, aside from racerbacks, are made with a standard height of 5'8" to 6'2" in mind. If you are taller or shorter, you can note that in your order and we'll gladly make adjustments! NOTE: Racerbacks have their own size chart, and are intended to be worn snugly for a light compression!

More Questions

Our fabric is printed by dye-sublimation, which means the colors wont bleed or fade! For the best care and longest life possible for your undies, we recommend handwashing with a gentle detergent. ---- For Lycra, you can also machine wash on a delicate setting. We advise against fabric softener for all of your garments (not just Tailends!), as it builds up gunk that ruins them. Air dry them or Tumble Dry Low in a mesh bag. ---- Hoodies, crewnecks, and kigurumis are best HAND WASHED, but it can be safe to run a gentle machine cycle, inside out and in a mesh bag. Air drying is best to avoid pilling* but if you must machine dry, a low heat setting, INSIDE OUT, is acceptable! Take extra care with garments that have faux fur or 3D elements, as these can melt or become caught in your machine. *For pilling, try a light pass with a sweater / lint shaver. Attempt this in a discrete area first (like the inside of the hem) to be sure it works correctly. Remember: Hot WATER = SAFE! Hot AIR = NOT SAFE!
No! Do not expect your pairs to shrink, as I promise they will not. All our fabrics are a recycled polyester base, which will NOT shrink (unlike cotton or wool).
Our goal is to be completely body inclusive! Simply write your custom size information in the order notes, or ask before placing your order - tailendsstudios@gmail.com! Examples of custom sizing we DO offer are increasing/decreasing hoodie lengths based on height, custom collar lengths, custom waistband length, modifying pouch space on boxer briefs (similar to jocks!), custom tank top and racerback sizing. Custom sizing does NOT include pattern alterations that change the original design (making undies "cheekier", making undie leg parts longer, etc.) We try our best to accommodate everyone, but we have to keep requests reasonable to our workflow. <3 !!! Please note - items with custom sizing requests may take longer than our standard timeline as we manually adjust the pattern/art for you!
Occasionally we may mark items as "out of stock" due to ongoing pattern revisions, missing material, or temporary shop closure. These items will return when we are able to produce them! YCH items may be "out of stock" because our queue is currently full. They generally return once a month, with openings announced on Twitter and Telegram.
A packer pouch is an extra lining inside the front of undies. The top of the pouch is open, so the wearer can fill the space with a packer - a prosthetic (socks, silicone, or otherwise) meant to help with giving the appearance or affirming weight of a bulge for trans-masc or gender non conforming folks. You can request packer pouches to be added to any of our undies for free!
We are always available to help with questions or concerns about your order, but we keep our paws very busy so it may take us a bit to respond! Please allow AT LEAST 3-5 weeks for your order to be made, or around 8-15 weeks for customized or YCH items before reaching out. Since everything is made to order, we may occasionally experience material delays or need to reprint fabric, which may increase the standard processing time. Please be assured that we want to get your order out as soon as possible! The best way to reach us is by email (tailendsstudios@gmail.com). We will respond within a few days (allowing extra time for weekends, holidays, and conventions). It's helpful to be clear with your questions ("Can I update my address to ___?", "What is the sleeve length on the Large hoodie?", etc.) This helps us answer your questions in a timely manner while letting us get back to sewing and drawing! Inquiries sent to us after 5PM EST or on the weekends will be responded to as soon as we're back in the studio!
We don't! In order to keep our products price as low as possible for you and to keep enough work for our team, we must handle a large volume of orders at once. We work on items in batches - grouping similar items together for efficiency. There's too many steps, variations per item, and possibility to have premade items on hand to maintain a public queue, which is why we advise at least 3-5 weeks for most items, and 8-15 weeks for custom or YCH items. If we have delays outside of our control (fabric printing issues, shipping delays, medical emergencies) that impact timelines - we share those updates on our Twitter and in some specific cases, individually by email.
YES! You can write in your con pickup request at checkout. It's not a guarantee, but we'll try our best! Please see our Conventions page for more info and terms: https://tailendsstudios.com/conventions

Your Character Here (YCH) / Customs

We accept new custom YCH slots about once every couple of months! We announce openings on our Twitter (@tail_ends) and Telegram (t.me/tailends).
When slots are open, submission is done via the YCH listings in our shop. It is generally First Come, First Served. The listing will ask for your ref sheet, sizing, and has a text field for further information. You will receive a preview (if requested), during which time you can suggest corrections to the design. This can take a few days or a few weeks, as we generally get a lot of YCH requests at once! After you approve your preview, or 48 hours has passed with no response from you, the design is moved on to the next stages. The whole process for a YCH / Custom piece can take 8 - 15 weeks.
Yes! We archive all previous YCH files and therefore offer copies of the same YCH design at a discount. This includes if you wish to change sizes, but please note that artwork changes aren't eligible for this discount. We also discount if you ordered a tank top before but now want a racerback, for example. Hoodies require much more extra pieces and aren't eligible for the repeat YCH discount. All “bottom” underwear designs count for each other. Just check the “I’ve ordered this (top / bottom) design before” box to receive the discount. If you are unsure what counts, feel free to reach out!
No! YCHs are not placed for sale to the general public without ongoing consent from the character's owners. Times you might see a YCH enter the general roster are: (1) If it is agreed upon as a new species for the roster; (2) As part of a mutual agreement or contract; (3) By necessity, if your colors/species/assets are in its most generic form. Ex: a basic white arctic fox or a plain orange tiger, with no special markings or colorations.
No. Plainly, we do not distribute our art files and commissioning a YCH from us does not entitle you to our art or sewing pattern, which can not be separated meaningfully. A commission entitles you to the finished product (a sewn garment) and indefinite storage of the file on our PC, should you—and nobody else—intend to obtain a duplicate of the garment. Tailends retains the full rights to all designs and patterns created by us (including those based off of a YCH as aforementioned). To put it plainly, reprinting, duplicating, tracing, reverse engineering, or using any other method to 'copy' our work (designs, patterns, art, etc.) for commercial use (or to send to a commercial company other than Tailends for reference) is infringement and/or theft. Legal action will be pursued if necessary. This does not mean we don't love inspiring friends to create awesome artwork involving their Tailends! Feel free to draw your characters in our undies or take a whole photoshoot if you want to share!

Shipping Questions

All orders are shipped discreetly!
All orders will be sent in a kraft envelope or unmarked cardboard box with the sender listed only as "TES". Please note: You must put a deliverable name on the shipping label! Many apartment complexes, university mailrooms, and military bases will only deliver mail that matches an existing legal name.
Unless otherwise stated, most items here are MADE TO ORDER. We handmake all our items, and sometimes the fabric can take up to 10 days to be printed and arrive to us. Our turnaround time is set to around 5 weeks for standard items and around 8 - 15 weeks for YCH / Custom. If you order a standard and YCH / Custom item, both items will ship together when the custom item is ready.
Shipping Options
Shipping cost and services can be chosen at checkout. If you use Auto-fill for your address, please be sure to check that it is correct and if applicable, your Apartment number is entered. You will receive a Tracking Number by email once your order has shipped out!
Need help?
If you catch a problem BEFORE your order ships (such as incorrect shipping information or the wrong product), please contact us right away! We may be able to help with some lost/returned packages as well.

Terms of Service

1. Consider all orders are FINAL and complete once you hit the pay button. If you absolutely must cancel or change your order in any way, you may do so by emailing us within 24 hours of the time the order has been completed. 1 a. Due to the nature of our products, we can not accept any returns or exchanges, and refunds will only be given out at our discretion in very specific circumstances. It is unsanitary to resell returned underwear and it's morally wrong to throw it away. If we were to take returns, we COULD NOT RESELL THEM. Each pair is handmade with care, and we can not afford to run like a big business. We always do what we can to make things right under extenuating circumstances. Please find someone who will love your pair and consider gifting it to them, rather than tossing it out.
2. Processing times for items are estimates - we cannot control fabric printing issues, shipping delays, etc. We do our best to ship BEFORE the end of the processing window. Unusual delays are shared on our Twitter, you're also welcome to email us for an update if your order has gone beyond the timeline.
3. If you have an issue with your order, please reach out via email! We will do our best to make things right and handle each situation on a case by case basis. <3
4. You may NOT under any circumstances commission NSFW if you are under 18. No exceptions.
5. You may not use our art commercially, for profit, NFT, or for use in any AI program. You may not pay someone else to alter our work.
6. We have the right to use your commission as examples, advertisement, showcase pieces, etc We do NOT have the right to resell your YCH / Custom design as part of our standard roster without ongoing permission.
7. Ill behavior will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to cancel at any time, for any reason, and you will be issued a refund depending on the amount of work completed. Offenders will be added to the blacklist. 7 a. We have every right to decline your commission without providing a reason. Hateful comments, racism, transphobia, zoo/ped, or harassment are common reasons you will be blacklisted.
8. "Problematic Persons Policy" - Please remember that we are a small team who spends the majority of our time working! We love and want to uplift the community in our spare time, but unfortunately we must make the following statements: Social media - Tailends accounts following/commenting/liking/sharing content from someone does not equal an endorsement. We do brief checks to make sure we aren't following racists, sexists, homophobes, transphobes, zoo/ped, etc. (Not an exhaustive list.) We block accounts that cross these lines. We appreciate warnings but we may not always see latest community issues. If we follow or interact with someone who we find out later is an issue, we block! Customers - As we cannot control who wears Tailends products, we don't endorse statements or actions made by anyone who turns out to be problematic. Adult Content - Tailends is all about body positivity and inclusivity. This includes freedom of sexual expression as long as it is legal and fully consensual. Please reread our previous rules regarding blacklists (especially that we're strongly anti zoo/ped) and our policy against minors purchasing 18+ content from us. Social media moves FAST and our paws are full with sewing for you! Please allow us time to review issues, or kindly give us a heads up before assuming we support someone! <3

Need more help?